Grilled Specialties!

Americans are known all over the world for their passion for bbq or Italian "grilled meat", this particular type of cooking is a ritual that has been handed down from generation to generation.

The history of this technique has its roots in the cooking method used by the natives. When Christopher Columbus set foot on American soil, he stumbled upon a population that cooked meat slowly, in ovens dug into the ground.

It is no coincidence that a typically American recipe is Pulled Pork, a pork-based preparation, which is frayed when cooked and served with plenty of sauce.

The conquistadors had the merit of exporting this technique to the north of the country. There are testimonies dating back to the mid-sixteenth century, which tell of a party in the presence of the explorer De Soto, based on pork cooked in "barbacoa" in the middle of the Mississippi.

There are two particular occasions in which Americans find themselves in front of a smoking grill:

July 4th, or the American Independence Day
the famous Super Bowl, the main sporting event that marks the final of the football championship.
For Americans, therefore, barbecue means family, celebration, union but also tradition and diversity: there are in fact many different styles, which change from state to state.