AIC CERTIFICATION - Italian Gluten Free Certification


At all our Diners we offer a vast selection of dishes such as Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Tex-Mex dishes and Desserts, all strictly gluten-free!

1950 American Diner is well aware of the difficulties that a celiac person can encounter when eating away from home.

Precisely for this reason we have been working for years to guarantee a wide choice of gluten-free dishes prepared in special areas of our kitchens in order to avoid any risk of contamination!

The Food Out of Home Program stems from the need of the Italian Celiac Association to create a chain of businesses informed about celiac disease that can offer a service suitable for the dietary needs of celiacs.

It allows immediate recognition of gluten-free products within the market offer and above all communicates the safety guarantees ensured by the AIC checks.